About Cutebot World

Cutebot World is a world of imagination, one built by robots with no limits to what they can do. Welcome to their world!


The inhabitants of Cutebot World want nothing more to be loved! They build their world so that others will enjoy it as much as they do.


Cutebot World is all about learning and having ideas. There are no bad ideas, and the more that are shared, the better the world turns out to be!


Energy is a big part of the Cutebot World existence. Without energy the world doesn't function. Learning to share and create more is how their world survives.


Communication is key in Cutebot World. Whether it's via code, chatting, text, or talking-all languages create the building blocks for this world to exist!

Cutebot World Plans For Our World

Cutebot World aims to be not only a visual story of robots in their world, it aims to be one that others can share in.


Follow the adventures of the Cutebot World robots in a series of illustrated books.


Take your favorite Cutebot robots with you in all sorts of product types. Visit the store to see what's available!


Learn and play with the Cutebot robots in a series of apps.

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  • Where can I get Cutebot World?
    • Currently everything for Cutebot World is online only, with planning being made for conventions and shows. Please subscribe to our newsletter or social networks, or visit our blog for more information on possible in person events.


  • I’m having issues with shipping/payment/etc., how can I get help with this?
    • Please use the contact us form to the left to email us your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve your issue.


  • How do I get in contact with you?
    • Please use the form to the left, or email us at the email at the bottom of the page!