Terminal Tower Bots

Meet the bots that reside at Terminal Tower-the main center and hub of Cutebot World. These bots tend to be responsible for keeping Cutebot World running, but are often the cause of most of its troubles as well. 

    Support Bots

    The Support staff consists of Bots whose roles are to help and care for the residents of Cutebot World.

      Zodiac Land Bots

      Zodiac Land is run by the 12 different Eastern Zodiac signs, but each sign is in charge of the land during the duration of the year of their sign. During the time whichever sign is in charge, the land is changed to reflect the style, interests and games of that particular sign. This oftentimes leads to conflicts with the other signs who will often end up temporarily leaving and cause trouble in other lands.

        Sugar Arcade Land Bots

        Sugar Arcade Land is the cutest, sparkliest, most playable land in all of Cutebot World. Filled with the cutest and yummiest characters, it’s a playground for all bots that visit. However, the residents of the Sugar Arcade Land are also a bit dim and repetitive, so visitors often become frustrated after a bit.

          Deep Sea Bots

          Though most of the Deep Sea is vast and devoid of a lot of bots-there exist a lot of amazing fishbots and some bots who enjoy living in the beautiful sea. The Deep Sea isn’t water, it’s a huge vast body of electrical current, which helps power all of Cutebot World.

            Nature Land Bots

            The bots of Nature Land are some of the smallest bots in Cutebot World. Tired of constantly being overlooked, they used the CodeBrats to create amazing mech suits for them to pilot to help preserve their land and to be able to help out more around Cutebot World.

              Server City Bots

              Server City boasts the fastest, and most aggressive bots in all of Cutebot World. Constantly on the go, these bots get their kicks out of massive races and moving at unreal speeds. Many outsiders find themselves getting overwhelmed by the pace of the City.

                Baddie Bots

                In every place there are those that cause trouble, and Cutebot World is no exception. These bots enjoy causing chaos or trouble, and often have minions who spread throughout the world at rapid speeds.

                  Party Bots

                  These bots live in DJ Party City. They like to sing to the songs and dance around. They are very hip sometimes.